Town of Exeter
Town of Exeter
1221 Stetson Road
Exeter, Maine 04435
Fax: 207-379-2192

The Town of Exeter has eight public cemeteries. The cemeteries are Exeter Corner Cemetery on the Stetson Road, Crowell Center Cemetery on the Cider Hill Road, Chamberlain Cemetery on the Tibbetts Road, Exeter Mills Cemetery on the Eaton Road, Tibbetts Cemetery on the Avenue Road end of the Tibbetts Road, Vickery Cemetery on the Downing Road, Osgood Cemetery on the Peabody Road, and Bragg Cemetery on the Stetson Road side of the Tibbetts Road.

All but the Bragg Cemetery have lots available, which are for sale at $100 for residents, $150 for former residents, and $200 for nonresidents.

Please contact the Town Office if you are interested in purchasing any lots.
At the Selectperson's Meeting on May 17, 2011, James Crane, Chairman of the Board, presented Eugene Stocker a Certificate of Appreciation for his 14 years of being the Chairman of the Cemetery Committee.  Eugene is still assisting the Committee whenever needed.